REX, An Herbal Solution for Erectile Dysfunction
  • T-REX


    T-Rex / Tyrannosaurus Rex ~ (Greek for "tyrant lizard king"); pronounced tih-RAN-oh-SORE-us REX. Up to 40 feet long, about 15 - 20 feet tall and weighing in at  roughly 5 to 7 tons. With 1500-3000 pounds of force in his bite (human bite about 175), this carnivore’s diet was other dinosaurs, consuming upwards of 500 lbs in one bite.

    T-R.E.X, the new formulation of The Erection Set is, by far, the strongest all-natural herbal sexual enhancement, testosterone boosting, vasodilator available for men of all ages, whether they wish to be all-stars in the gym or the bedroom. Its components include the finest herbs and extracts, all hand-selected in the formulation, to deliver optimal dosages. Direct comparative analysis of this product with its competitors show the Erection Set comprises 700 to 800% higher concentration strengths of herbs and extracts. Absorption is amplified—due to the addition of DHB—from 250-500% over other virility products.

    As men reach their thirties, natural testosterone levels begin to wane resulting in weaker muscle, declining sexual interest, minimized arousal, erectile dysfunction (in varied degrees), depression and fatigue. This malaise, in medical parlance, is Andropause—male ‘menopause.’ The Erection Set will renew sexual vitality, increasing levels of free (i.e., available) testosterone and reverse such undesirable symptoms as the foregoing.

    T-R.E.X boosts sexual virility by increasing the flow of blood (vasodilate) and oxygen while stimulating delivery of endorphins, a higher neurotransmission rate, foster stronger physical and mental arousal and sexual desire. It relaxes body’s central nervous system and stimulates endorphin and nitric oxide release, heightening sensuality and pleasure simultaneously producing faster, more durable and harder erection. T-R.E.X actually enlarges penis size by expanding the Corpora Cavernosa, which subsequently increases blood flow.

    T-R.E.X users experience heightened, more intense orgasms, stronger ejaculatory contractions (“roping”) and produce higher volume of semen in longer, more pleasurable and copious emissions. Increase sensitivity, size, stamina and performance!

    Whether a so-called “weekend warrior” who desires greater strength and endurance (plus significantly increasing libido), to delay or reverse the onset of Andropause, or correct erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation naturally, quickly, effectively and affordably, The Erection Set is the only all-natural herbal sexual virility enhancer which, scientific research has proven, enhances and restores one’s innate sexual prowess.

    T-R.E.X has combined two formulations into one bottle: