REX, An Herbal Solution for Erectile Dysfunction

Eros RX - Super-Amped Reformulation of Mera RX



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Men in Europe and Asia have been using Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, the key ingredient in Eros- RX, for several decades to increase the number of “ropes” they experience during sex. The “ropes” refers to the rhythmic ejaculatory contractions that a man experiences during climax.

*Longer, more intense orgasms; intensify climax *Increased sexual drive, stamina and sexual performance *Less time between orgasms *Improved prostate care and health

Eros- RX works by decreasing the size of the prostate, while strengthening the Vas Deferens, allowing for an increase in ejaculate volume. This dramatic increase in the amount of ejaculate during orgasm provides more “ropes” during each orgasm. When there is a larger volume of fluid available for an orgasm, the more contractions or “ropes” it takes to release the fluid. This increase in fluid release leads to significantly longer, more powerful orgasms and intensified climax. The more ropes a man experiences, the better the sexual experience. The typical male experiences 3-6 “ropes” per orgasm. With Eros- RX, men report that their “ropes” increase drastically, up to 10-14 per orgasm. It has also been shown to increase sexual performance by decreasing the time needed between climaxes, allowing you to achieve orgasm and then reach orgasm again within a short period of time. Experience the most powerful and longest orgasms possible!

Eros- RX is formulated with a proprietary blend of the highest quality, pure botanical extracts containing 700 mg. of Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, which enhances the male orgasm and supports prostate care.

Eros- RX has almost twice the amount of Swedish Flower Pollen extract as the other leading brand, making each pill almost twice as powerful. Eros- RX also contains Zinc, which has been shown to increase sperm count and sperm mobility, while Saw Palmetto and Pine Bark both promote healthy prostate care.

The suggested dosage of is one tablet per day as a supplement. A one-month supply of Eros- RX contains 30 tablets. Many Eros- RX™ users notice results after 12 to 14 days, however, best results will be seen after continued use of Eros- RX™.

30 Capsules 1/ per day.

Eros- RX - a powerful sexual enhancement for men. Great for Prostate health. Significantly intensify orgasm, increase seminal flow, stronger ejaculations creating a roping effect.