REX, An Herbal Solution for Erectile Dysfunction

"I felt a difference almost immediately. I'm down to a couple of days worth of

T-R.E.X. and I can tell you it has worked wonders… I feel sexually 20 years younger. I get (erections) at the drop of a hat. I am awakened throughout the night with woodies. Now I'm not talking all the time, but a lot more regularly than before I started taking the pills. I can also (ejaculate) more than once a day. I think it has also helped me feel better about myself, I know I can get it up when I need or want to now. I don't have to pray that it'll stay hard. And the orgasms are hot, also. My toes curl again. Thanks loads for giving me my sex life back. "– Jeff in FL

I felt hornier and that's even hornier than the stuff I told you I was taking. I'd wake up with a morning hard-ons and I haven't done that in years! My erections were longer lasting. Yes, I had more sexual stamina. Generally speaking I had more energy for all things. … In the gym (I had) more energy and ability to do more reps with more ease. I'll be anxious for you to get the labels and get the set on your site. – Michael in AZ

After 4 or 5 days using
T-R.E.X I was waking up with an erection which has not happened in years. Not only was I able to get and maintain an erection I actually felt like I wanted to enjoy sex again. This is completely unlike taking Viagra that just helps you get hard, the erection set also gave me a desire to have something happen even multiple times a day. I am not saying that a 58 years old man is ready for the grave but I was certainly loosing interest in sex. T-R.E.X has become part of my daily nutritional supplementation right along with the vitamin C. -- Steve in CA

'It really raised my libido, I was stimulated and wanted sex! I noticed erections throughout the day...from nowhere. While having sex, (my penis) felt thicker and harder. Plus, I had more physical stamina. This is the ultimate man drug. I am able to work long hours, able to make love in a single bound, able to spoon for hours, and then the next day gladly hand over the credit card with no worries.' – Dennis in CA

'I’m 30 and have had low testosterone most of my life. I’m looking for something to help boost my levels so I can have hot sex with my partner. I ordered
T-R.E.X a couple of weeks ago and the product works great! Do you have any other products you developed to supplement the testosterone further? Also, do you know of anything that I can use or take to increase ejaculate production to make it stronger or thicker? Now that I can get and stay hard I would love to really blow my partner away.' – Jason

'I found
T-R.E.X to work wonders on someone who didn't feel he needed the help, ME! Being someone who (honestly--ask my friends) masturbates 3-5 times a day, depending on time, this only increased my sex drive and performance. I actually stopped taking it after 2 weeks, with the testosterone I already had going, plus the added boost from T-R.E.X, my penis needed it's rest. Every man has His day."– Tom Souther, Adult Film Celebrity

"From the woman's perspective: He was more sensitive...wanted to cuddle and be physically close...even after working long hard hours. Usually after working

any hours it takes him a couple days to bounce back mentally and physically. This time he even offered to take me shopping for working so many hours in a row...please hurry and get more...the Prada sales staff are on standby!" – Dawne in CA